November 9, 2016

Host An Event

We would love to be able to present the course of your choice when it best fits your schedule. Below is some information for your review.

Task Force 1, Inc. will bring the program you have identified to your location. Each program we present is customize to meet you needs and expectations. The lead instructor for the program will work very closely to ensure this happens.

  • The cost per student per day is $150 is offered as open enrollment needing 20 paying students. The host gets 3 free slots for hosting.  The host has no obligation to send any additional personnel or buy any slots in the class. Should the program not fill, we merely cancel the program. If easier, the program can be offered at a flat rate of $3000 per day with up to 24 students as a closed enrollment program.
  • We handle the enrollment process online for open enrollments. We keep you informed as to the program’s interest. Generally speaking, three weeks before the delivery date of and Open Enrollment we make a determination if the program is viable.
  • We will rely on you for a physical location (classroom setting) for the didactic section. It will need to accommodate 25 students.
  • For the hands-on portion of the program we will need a location. If you have a training center that’s great; however, we often use acquired structures or even a location in your community that is appropriate for the program. We are very creative. We can build props and do whatever is needed to make it work!
  • We will bring what we can carry on an airplane. We will coordinate with you regarding apparatus and equipment desired. Don’t fret, the lead instructor will work all of this out.
  • The lead instructor assigned will work extremely close with you. They will ensure that the program content is very specific to your department’s needs and expectations.
  • We are responsible for all instructor travel cost including flights, hotels, rental cars and meals, etc.
  • We will come when it is best for your organization. We understand you probably have other training activities already scheduled.
  • At the completion of the program will provide the host and all students a copy of all course content including the Power Point presentation, videos, support documents and photos from throughout the program. We make this available using Dropbox.
  • Certificates of completion are provided to students completing onsite programs.
  • Finally, we become a friend, a resource and an aide to you as you move forward by making our instructor available to you to answer any questions you may have.

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Closed - $3000 per day for up to 24 students in the program for a hands on program. Host can charge an enrollment fee and retrain those funds. Open - $150 per day per student, require 20 paying students, 3 student free for hosting.