Standpipe Operations – ON-LINE

Standpipe Operations – ON-LINE May 20, 2020 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST Instructor: Captain Anthony Rowett Mobile Fire-Rescue In this one hour on-line interactive program we will discuss standpipe operations. While not an everyday operation for most firefighters, these operations present with additional hazards and require additional knowledge. One of these hazards is the presence Read more about Standpipe Operations – ON-LINE[…]

Strip Mall Fires ON-LINE

Strip Mall Fires ON-LINE Strip malls are everywhere. Some are new. Others are old. One thing is for sure. A fire in a strip mall can be challenging and dangerous. Often made of lightweight materials, these structures can exhibit rapid fire spread. Added to the mix are fortified rear doors for security purposes making egress Read more about Strip Mall Fires ON-LINE[…]