March 1, 2019

Wind Driven Fires

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A wind driven structure fire is unlike anything else. It’s a fire that has an unlimited supply of oxygen that is literally being forced into the structure. The result is rapid fire growth looking like a blowtorch when a second vent point occurs.

Several line of duty deaths have occurred when a fire, driven by wind, wreaks havoc and makes a “routine” fire anything but that. Rapidly changing conditions can be expected and the need to react appropriately is critical. In this program the student will learn what a wind drive fire is and how to understand the effect of wind an any fire regardless of structure size or type.

Review case studies, research and sound best practices, students will be positioned to deal with the challenges of a wind driven fire. With an emphasis on good communications, a strong and clear strategic decision, tactical actions must be well coordinated.

This program can be presented in various formats. This can include a one-day classroom-based format, two-day classroom-based presentation or two-day offering with classroom presentation followed by a transition on the second day to hands-on scenario-based training.


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