June 22, 2017

Vulnerability Assessment: Where Do We Start?

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Your church leadership needs to know where they are at vulnerable. Most often this topic is never discussed. Sometimes the assumption is that everything is fine. After all, we’re a church. Who or what can harm us?

The reality is that the church has been and will continue to be a target. Representing the good, a safe-haven a place where the broken come for help make us ripe for all sorts of exposures.

In this program we will demonstrate how to determine what your most valuable assets are and look at different events that could create loss and at the same time consider the impact of those events on your property.

The goal of the vulnerability assessment is to look at options available to reduce the probability of the events from occurring. Some option are “easy fixes” will other may be costly and time consuming. Finding of the vulnerability assessment must be shared with leadership to determine what improvements, policies and procedures can be changed to reduce the vulnerability.

In this program, a series of case studies will be reviewed as well as breakout and small group exercises to allow participant to gain a better understand if the process.

Program length: 1-2 days

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