February 15, 2019

Thermal Imaging for Law Enforcement

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Law enforcement personnel can use thermal imaging technology to see their surroundings in a brand new way. From purchase considerations to tactical use of a thermal imaging cameras, this program will provide law enforcement official value information using affordable technology.

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to better manage surveillance activities, locate and apprehend suspects, investigate crime scenes and conduct search-and-rescue operations. When officers are approaching an unknown scene, safety is a primary consideration.

Thermal imagers should be moved from the police station to the police car readily available for use.
Whether responding to a domestic disturbance, an assault, or other an active shooter incident, an officer is at a disadvantage not knowing where the bad guys are. With a thermal imager, an officer can stop and scan the property at a distance greatly reducing person risk.

This can be a one or two-day program offering.

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