March 26, 2020

The Tools of Incident Command ON-LINE

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The Tools of Incident Command ON-LINE

Every professional has their tools.

Rarely will they show up to work without them. Yet incident commanders often choose to leave their tools at home. How come it is optional or even a discouraged practice on a life and death event like the fireground?

Maybe fear. Maybe lack of knowledge. Maybe tradition. Maybe now is a good time to learn more about the benefits of the tools available to the IC.

From the vehicle through the NIMS models to the Tactical Work Sheet TWS). So many tools are available.

Go to a ball game. Get a score sheet. Track the game, track the score, track the players. We do it for a Little League game and certainly for a Major League contest. A TWS is just one tool, and like the score card at a ball game, is critical for the IC. Without it, actions are left to chance.

The IC can be hit or miss on tracking objectives and benchmarks. Most importantly, without one it becomes a crap shoot at a “best guess” where your personnel are operating! We’ll share lots of good information in the on-line session. Spend an hour with us. We will show you the value of The tools and some benefits to the TWS! They can be game changers for sound fireground management.

Join in on this on-line program. The program duration is 1 hour!

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