January 20, 2020

Self Defense for EMS

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We live and work in with a society that can put anyone in harm’s way.  EMS personnel are not immune to shoves, pushes, swing and punches. Also, they are not immune to attacks with weapons like knives, bats and even guns.

Situational awareness is key by being aware of your environment.  You must consider the potential of things to change at a second’s notice.

This program will address a wide array of content. From the changes in demographics, increases in drug and alcohol use by those we serve and even a just the total disrespect for those in uniform will be discussed.

Case studies are a part of this offering, even those resulting in a line of duty death.

The program will also cover strategic and tactical decision-making. Time can be set aside with the program to review and practice various defensive tactics than can be employed to eliminate or reduce potential injuries.

This can be presented as a one of two day offering.

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