April 11, 2019

Scrapyard Fires: Strategy and Tactics

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Every town has one: The scrap yard, the junk yard, the recycling center or maybe it’s called the auto parts yard. Regardless of the name, the contents are pretty much the same. Massive amounts of metal, plastics, oils, tires and other flammable liquids.

Generally, they fill what was originally a wide-open area. But now that area can be acres upon acres of scrap. All is well until a welder’s torch or an out of control brush fire makes contact with a limitless amount of fuel.

These fires will be ferocious! Hazards will be many. Rough terrain, unstable and maybe stacked vehicles, acrid smoke and often with out a sustainable water supply. Risk management and safety are paramount when battle one of these incidents.

Often long in duration, the incident command must remain focused on a sound strategy.

A wide array of content will be cover in this program. Case studies, risk assessment and best practices will be discussed in small group sessions and within an interactive lecture. Student will have the opportunity to participate in simulated scenario-based exercises.

This can be presented as a one or two day presentation!

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