November 4, 2016

Response to Clandestine Drug Labs

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A clandestine drug lab is a location that utilizes chemicals, supplies, and laboratory equipment for the specific production of illicit drugs, and will include at times, the use of chemicals to produce improvised explosives. First responders often are not trained or familiar with the behaviors or cognitive processes of individuals who operate illegal clandestine labs. Many lab operators will resort to extreme measures to protect themselves and their labs- security systems, explosives, guns, attack dogs and poisonous snakes have all been found at clandestine laboratory sites across the nation.

This program will provide emergency service personnel with knowledge and awareness of the presence of a clandestine drug lab and to be able to develop a plan and strategies with on-going risk analysis. An interactive lecture, review of case studies, and discussions regarding best practices and operating guidelines for this type of response will provide students with the tools to cope with these increasing incidents. Simulation exercises will round off the training day.  (1-2 day program)

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