October 14, 2018

Rescue Task Force

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Course Description

The concept behind a Rescue Task Force is to start providing care to the victim of a an active shooter incident as soon as possible. The Rescue Task Force (RTF) concept integrates trained medical responders with law enforcement force protection into potentially hostile situations to provide rapid treatment and extraction of the injured.

The Arlington County (Virginia) Fire Department  developed the Rescue Task Force concept which is based around Tactical Combat Casualty Care) used by the military but now adapted to the violent environments first responders and civilians now face. RTF concept suggests initial law enforcement enter the building to quickly engage the shooter while identifying threats and clearing a “warm zone.” From there an RTF is formed using first-arriving EMS personnel and law enforcement officers. Working together they move into the warm zone and initiate treatment and evacuation of victims.

However, one of the more frequency shortcomings in one for these incidents usually is a failure of command staff to understand these concepts and establish as strategy. This program will cover wide array of content including the history of the Rescue Task Force, its evolution and a details explanation of how it can be implemented in any area as well as sound command concepts.

This course will be delivered entirely in a class room environment with a combination of lecture, discussion, individual and small group break out exercises. An extended version  of the program can transition outside of the classroom for various skill stations and even scenario based exercises.

This program is presented as a 1-3-day offering.

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