November 4, 2016

Post Incident Analysis: Learning From Mistakes

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A Post Incident Analysis (PIA) is the reconstruction of an incident to assess the chain of events that took place, the methods used to control the incident, and how the actions of emergency personnel contributed to the eventual outcome. A PIA provides a comprehensive record of an incident from which to evaluate departmental procedures identifying areas of strengths, deficiencies and needed areas of improvement.

The PIA is not used to assign blame or to point fingers.  Instead, it is a tool to reinforce personnel actions and departmental procedures that are effective and to give management insight into how effectiveness of the department’s operations can be improved. This program will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how a Post Incident Analysis can be a valuable tool within your organization. After an interactive classroom presentation, students will work within break-out groups to conduct a Post Incident Analysis. (2 day program)

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