November 4, 2016

Next Steps: Response to the Active Shooter

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This program is the program to attend following the initial “Response to The Active Shooter and Mass Violence Incidents.  It will go in to much greater depth and focus on planning aspects for all first response to prepare for an event of this kind.

The ultimate goal resulting from this program is to have develop trust and form line of communications from the leadership of  fire, rescue, EMS, law enforcement and municipal official to work together to develop a local or regional policy to prepare for subsequent training.

Below are some of the topics:

Preparing for the Active Violence Incidents
Mitigation of the Active Violence Incidents
Establishing Incident Responsibilities
Incident Terminology
Response Issues
Unified Command
Handling Incidents with Active Fire
Preparedness for various venues
Equipment needs for Emergency Services
Minimal Training Requirements
911 call taker SOP/ROG
Dispatch Procedure
Incident Response Considerations
Scene Management
Unified Command & Responsibilities
Plan for treatment of causalities
Medical Facility Considerations
Re-Unification considerations
Utilization of Mass Transit for witnesses
Media Relations
Medical Examiner/Coroner’s Roles
Long term sustainability of scene
Debriefing procedures
Enroute & On Scene Practices
Post Incident/Demobilization
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