July 3, 2018

Leadership Academy

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Who is preparing you next generation of leaders? Are you? Standing on the sidelines and doing nothing is just setting our future leaders be set up to fail. Instead we must be proactive to insure to provide a solid foundation for them. Leadership Academy is an exciting, fulfilling and challenging program designed to get your staff prepared for transition from doer to leader and even to the executive level. The program’s content is built around sound leadership principles that have a proven track record.

Leadership Academy has a fundamental core curriculum applicable to any size or type organization and can be tailored to your very specifically based on your needs. Leadership Academy will get you results.

As they say predictable is preventable. Unprepared leaders are left to figure it out on their own or worse yet try to emulate their boss who was equally unprepared.  This happens time and time again. It can all be fixed but there needs to be a commitment to change the culture and vision of your organization.  Leadership Academy helps doers to become leaders and leaders to become executives. We’ve learned that many organizations only for today.  Little thought if any is giving toward preparing the next level of leader for the daunting role they will take on. Unprepared, they will struggle and fail. When that occurs, it affects the area they are leading. The downward spiral is underway. Unchecked, it can negatively affect an entire organization.

This program will cover a wide array of topics presented through many engaging interactive exercises, role plays and other motivating tools.  Using practices and principles with proven track records, this program is very dynamic. The content and delivery are custom designed around your organizations specific needs. It is adapted to the various levels of leadership in your organization.

If desired, Task Force 1, Inc. can assist with a needed assessment to insure the program clear will meet your needs and expectations.

Course duration and delivery

This program is presented as a 3-5 offering.  It can be extended based on individual organization needs. The program is delivered on site with highly interactive engagement between instructors and students. Breakout exercises, small group activities and projects, role playing, and written exercise are used throughout the program.  Students will be mentally challenged in a safe learning environment.

The Goal:  The goal of the Leadership Academy is to prepare individuals for their transition to the next level of leadership.

Objectives: Following this program student will:

  • Understand the expectations of the transition to the next level of leadership.
  • Develop an understanding of personal influence and how traits affect team dynamics.
  • Develop strategies for creating synergy within teams.
  • Define leadership types, implementing situational leadership.
  • Demonstrate analysis of commonly observed conflict issues and develop strategies for managing conflict.
  • Define emerging issues in emergency services and translating them into opportunities for team success.
  • Understand how to be effective in time management, interpersonal communications and short, medium and long-term planning.



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