February 15, 2019

Internal Affairs Investigations

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A wide array of content is covered in the program using a unique blend of lecture, role playing, individual and group activities and scenario- based exercises allowing the student to be immersed in role of an IA investigator.

Some of the topics include:
• Interviewing and investigative techniques
• The Ethical IA Investigative Process
• A wide array of content is covered in the program. Some of the topics including the following:
• Reviewing Complaints
• Statutory and legal issues that arise when dealing with governmental employees.
• Confidentiality in IA Investigations
• Use of Force Investigations
• In-Custody Deaths
• Inspections and Audits

It is most appropriate for individuals who have no any formal Internal Affairs training or are newly assigned to Internal Affairs.

Learning best practices for an internal affairs investigation is the foundation for this program.

This intense and fast paced program is best presented as a five-day presentation.

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