April 2, 2019

ICS for Law Enforcement

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The incident Command System makes no distinctions regarding the type of first responder organization. While many in the law enforcement community believe it’s a “fire thing” it is not. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) became law after 9/11 and the incident command system (ICS) has proven it weigh in gold on “all hazards” on incident. Best of all ICS is scalable. It works on the day to day incident and the big ones

While its roots go back to the 1970 with massive wildfires, it is now a tool that should be used across the board on a daily basis. With active shooter and other mass violence incidents, it is clear that law enforcement will be side by side with their partners. There is no room for competing or “silo” command structures.

In this program, law enforcement professionals will learn the basics of how this works. Keeping things simple it critical.

Following an engaging presentation and review of some case studies, participation will learn how to apply these principles seamlessly. On the final day of the program, students will participate in scenario-based classroom exercises under the supervision of our instructor.

This program is best presented as a two day offering.

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