June 28, 2017

Forcible Entry

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Forcible entry is key component of sound fire ground operations.  Today’s society often tries to fortify homes, businesses and places of assembly to keep bad guys out. In doing so, fire department access to reach the seat of the fire, conducting searches or other fire ground operations can be slowed downs to a snail’s pace when sound forcible entry practices are not the norm.

This program will cover a wide array of content. However, the emphasis will be for firefighters tasked with forcible entry duties to be fundamentally sound.  Selecting the right tool for the job and understanding best practices to accomplish the goal is crucial. After a short classroom session the program will transition to the field where student will learn the art of forcible entry, gain hands-on experience and get to work in several scenario based training exercises.

The emphasis of this program will center on the use of hand tools for effective forcible entry.  This program is appropriate for the rookie firefighter to the seasoned veteran.

 Full PPE is required.  1 or 2 day program


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