June 28, 2017

Forcible Entry for Law Enforcement

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Forcible entry is rarely discussed and almost never a part of patrol officer response training. This program takes a hard look at forcible entry in the law enforcement community. How to get if a structure is barricaded or even if a door is merely locked is the first step to making a bad situation get better.  This program is a realistic hands-on program that will share best practices for forcible entry and breaching.

Tools in the station or locked in a secure storage locker do you no good. Tools should be in the car, ready to go. Equipping a patrol with appropriate tools for forcible entry and providing them the necessary training to properly use such, can reduce critical response time and likely save lives.

What kind of tools should you consider? Is there really a difference as many tools look alike? Forcible entry tools are the ticket, however, without training they will be useless.  We’ll show you how to use tools and not your shoulder or foot to try to open a door!

This is can be a one or two-day program offering.

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