November 18, 2019

Fires in Buildings Under Construction

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According to NFPA, Fires in structures under construction resulted in annual losses of 5 civilian deaths, 51 civilian injuries, and $172 million in direct property damage. Fires in structures undergoing major renovation resulted in 4 civilian deaths, 65 civilian injuries, and $108 in direct property damage each year.

A fire in an occupied structure or even one that is ready for occupancy is one thing. However, a blaze in one under construction is a different animal.

Why? First off, probably all of the fire protection features are missing. Secondly, dry wall, fire doors, sprinklers and even standpipes are most likely not there. Exposed, lightweight structural members will burn rapidly without any protection in place. Finally, missing stairwells, construction machinery and limited access for apparatus will be concerns.

A mayday in one of these structures can be a nightmare.

This program will cover wide array of content from building construction considerations to strategy and tactics. In classroom fire simulation scenarios are part of the program. It can be a one or 2 day offering.

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