June 17, 2019

Engine and Truck Company Ops with Light Staffing

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Engine and Truck Company Ops with Light Staffing

This is a very powerful program that addresses the often perceived expectations that “we are doomed” because of our staffing levels.

We understand the every department struggles with “not having enough”. However, our experience is that often there are administrative and practical remedies available at no cost except “change” to improve day to day operations.

We have presented this program is many areas of the country, all with different staffing concerns and department demographics. However, at the end of the training, all have taken away a renewed perspective on how to work smarter not harder without compromising safety or services!

Some of the The Topics:

Short Staffed Engine Company
Setting your apparatus up for success
Hose line management
Water supply development strategies
Eliminating the confusion

Short Staffed Truck Company
Setting your truck up for success
Inside – Outside team strategies
Positioning apparatus for maximum effectiveness
Best practices with ground ladders
Forcible Entry: Getting inside quickly
Who does what?

After we “rethink” what and how an engine and truck company should operate we will spend several hours pulling it all together. From there we will test thing out. Our goal is to make operational efficiency improve with a sacrifice in safety.  After working several scenario based hands on incidents. you’ll be the judge and the jury.

This program is a game changer.  In two days you will see the difference!

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