June 28, 2017

DUTY READY: Physical and Mental Fitness for The First Responder

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DUTY READY: Physical and Mental Fitness for The First Responder     

We check our equipment before the start of the shift. We check it after we use it. What about your body? What shape is it in?  A first responder’s reaction to an unfolding event can go from “0 to 100 miles per hour”. Minds race and heart rates increases.  The most frequent killer of today’s first responder is a heart attack.

This program prods into the balance needed to be “duty ready”.  Simply put your body and mind both must be in the game. Being physical fitness allows you to perform tasks reduces the chance of injury and death to you and may help others from getting hurt. But being mentally prepared is the second part of the equation. If your body is ready but the mind is not in it the results will not be good. Students will learn strategies in the program to become physically and mentally fit.

2 day program.


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