February 18, 2019

Customer Service In Today’s Fire and EMS Delivery

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Customer Service In Today’s Fire and EMS Delivery

We have all know that a first impression is a lasting one. There are people in your community who may have never used the services of your organization.
However, when they are faced with that first emergency, without doubt it will be a stressful, maybe threatening event.

They will interface with members of your organization. How will your personnel treat them?

Your organization is in the emergency services business. That’s what you do. Treating the 911 caller like a customer and not someone who is inconveniencing you is paramount. Some organizations get it and many other don’t. Sometimes it’s an organizational culture that hardens its members and makes them callous to everyone, even superiors, peers and subordinates.

This program will cover a wide range of topics. Following an interactive classroom discussion, the program will transition to break out sessions, role play exercises and other highly motivating activities that will provide the participants with the tools needed to improve customer service in their emergency services organization.

This can be presented as a one or two day program

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