February 25, 2019

Convenient Store Fires: Strategy and Tactics

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Convenient Store Fires: Strategy and Tactics

They have been around for a long time. Back in the day they were called corner stores. Often they were just a room in a house open for business. They have evolved. Now often opened around the clock, they are everywhere. They are a combination of a fast food restaurant, with a gas station, coffee shop and sometimes a car wash.

High in foot and vehicular traffic, these stores are ripe for an array of incidents.Vehicle fires at the gas pumps, vehicles driving into the structure and a blaze inside with a plethora of contents are all a possibility.

Not every convenience store is along a busy highway or part of a strip shopping center.Many still remain as the “Mom and Pop” store with the owners living above or behind the business place. Unfortunately there have been line of duty deaths in these establishments.

This program a wide range of content to be shared. From building construction features to strategy and tactics students will gain a an new respect and appreciation for these incidents. Line of duty death case studies will also be reviewed as part of this program. Finally, students will participate in classroom scenario based simulation exercises.

This can be a one or two day program.

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