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About Task Force 1, Inc.

With a nationally acclaimed faculty since 2005, Task Force 1, Inc. has delivered the highest quality training programs internationally and in nearly 40 states, from large metropolitan fire departments to small rural fire companies.

Our beliefs and expectations are simple.
We set the highest expectations
from our faculty.
We set the highest standards 
for our students. 
We train hard. 
We expect students to train hard. 
We practice what we preach. 
We preach what we practice.
We share information that works.
We come to teach not entertain.

Failing is not an option.

What makes  Task Force 1, Inc.  training different?
The instructors do!  The Task Force 1, Inc. faculty  has  hundreds of years of experience.  We teach best practices,  the things that really work on the fireground often not found in the off-the- shelf" training manual.  Task Force 1, Inc. does not compete with or try to replicate  training that is locally available.   Our intent is to deliver a combination of high intensity, reality based training,  adapted to meet your needs.

Hosting a program
Task Force 1, Inc. is currently seeking sites across the US to host our challenging training programs.  As a host, you'll provide us the input we need in selecting the program that will benefit your department and have the biggest impact in your area.  Program registrations are handled by Task Force 1, Inc.  Your fire department will serve as a local conduit for registration information and provide logistical support (training room, apparatus and equipment needs) for the program.  In return, you will get 3 free slots in the program.

Training can be delivered when you want it.  We will promote the program from our website and your fire department will promote the program locally.  Try us without hesitation. You will be pleased with the training and the positive impact we will have on your personnel and organization! Email us at

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